Anthony Sims


My name is Anthony Sims. Today I am the president of Hope Center alumni, a successful business owner, a father, a husband, and a product of Gods grace and Hope Center Ministries. 16 years ago I started down a path of destruction that would almost lead me to my death. I began using methamphetamine. I started as a casual user and quickly became a hard core addict and one of the biggest dealers in my area. I was addicted to the drug and the lifestyle, a lifestyle that wouldn't last long. After five years of selling and using I found myself cooking meth. My life style deteriorated along with my health. In April of 2011 I was arrested and charged with 6 class (A) felonies. The only hope I had was to make a real change, and to do that I knew I would need help. I arrived at the Waverly TN Hope Center on the 11th day of April. I am 6'1" and at the time I weighed 165lbs. I was skin and bones. The guys there took care of me and gave me everything I needed. When I finally came out of a 10yr drug induced fog I realized these people actually cared about me and whether or not I made it. I was taught about God and His mercy and grace. Most importantly I was taught how to maintain a relationship with God. Hope Center, through God, truly saved my life. Blessed doesn't even begin to describe the life I lead these days. Today I am a little over 4yrs clean and it amazes me how far God has brought me in such a short time. Today I am an overcomer through my testimony and the blood of the lamb! 

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