Carson Plant


My name is Carson Plant and today I am the Executive Director of HCM. My life has not always been a life with Hope. As a young married business owner, I had gotten caught up in living two separate lives. I went to work tried to be a family man – but my secret life was full of drugs, alcohol, and affairs. In December of 2006, it all caught up to me and I found myself behind bars, left with nothing - no business, no family and no self respect. The tole of drugs and alcohol had put me in full blown withdrawals. A Pastor came in to share the gospel with me and prayed with me to accept Jesus Christ into my heart. Unsure of what had just happened and of this God I had been told about, I went back to my jail cell and prayed “God if you are real, take this pain away”.  And from that moment on, the pain was gone and I was filled with hope. On my release from jail, I had to enter a long term treatment center. In June of 2007, HCM opened, and I was the first resident. Going in to Hope Center as a new believer, HCM taught me how to live as a Christian man and gave me the tools to deal with my past. There were mentors that talked to me about God restoring my family, and I began to believe that God could bring us back together. One of the prayers that I prayed was that one day God would let me tuck my boys in at night. In November 2009, God restored my family and my wife and I were remarried. God has done abundantly more than I could have ever imagined – now I am a part of helping seeing other men and women find Hope.

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